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11 Home Remedies for the Eating Disorder Anorexia

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl


  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #1

In China, the oil from orange skin has been used for eons to improve appetite. Boil the rind of an orange with a glass of water for 5 minutes. After that time, remove from heat and strain.   Drink three times a day, once with each meal.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #2

Pour two tablespoons of mint leaves in half a liter of water that is boiling. Cool, strain it into a water bottle and drink throughout the day. This infusion increases the appetite.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #3

Boil 1 teaspoon of water clover in 1 cup of water. Remove from heat and let stand 5 or 6 minutes. Take two cups a day. This remedy increases appetite, stimulates digestive secretions and promotes digestion and is highly recommended to overcome anorexia.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #4

Place 3 cardamom pods on a kitchen board and open them by crushing them with the edge of a knife.   Put the cardamom seeds in a pot together with 250 ml of orange juice, 3 strips of the peel of an orange and 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Then, add 500 ml of water and cook over medium heat, continuing to stir, for 10 minutes or until the water dissolves. Then remove from heat and let cool. Strain and put in the refrigerator. Serve cold. This is a remedy that opens the appetite and facilitates digestion.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #5

Boil two tablespoons of agrimony leaves in a cup of water for 5 minutes.   Remove from heat and let cool. Take a cup of this infusion once a day which will stimulate the appetite.   Avoid this remedy in case of constipation, since the agrimony is astringent.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #6

Properly wash a handful of strawberries and then place it, along with a glass of water, in the blender.  Blend for a moment.  Take half a glass of this juice during breakfast and then take the rest distributed in each meal. Make this remedy for a week.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #7

Add a handful of chopped or ground tarragon to foods such as fish, meats or vegetables.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #8

Make a milk shake. To do this, use 200 ml of milk with 4 teaspoons of royal jelly. Beat these ingredients and then add 1/2 of soluble cocoa. This is a remedy that not only opens the appetite but also provides a great caloric contribution necessary for people suffering from anorexia.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #9

Mix 15 grams of lemon leaves, 20 grams of celery root, 15 grams of thyme and 50 grams of artichoke leaves and extract from this mixture 1 tablespoon to be poured into 1 cup that is boiling. Allow to cool and take before meals.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #10

Incorporate a small amount of CBD oil into daily meals or smoothies. American hemp oil helps to promote a healthy appetite and will help to combat eating disorders.

  • Home Remedy for Anorexia #11

Soak 10 g of bark root rinds in 1 liter of white wine for 15 days. Take 1 glass before meals.

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