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3 Ways to Make Your Home Healthier for the Family

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl

While you might like to think of your home as the safest place for you and your family to be in the world, you may be surprised to know that the air quality in many homes isn’t as pure as you’d like to believe. In fact, some homes can have air that’s worse to breathe than the air of some cities. Luckily, there are some easy and effective ways you can make your home a place with cleaner air and healthier people. To show you how, here are three ways you can improve the air quality in your home.

Keep The Moisture Levels Under Control

Along with dust and other allergens, one of the worst things for the air quality in your home is humidity. Depending on where you live in the world, the humidity of your home will vary. But according to Daniel DiClerico, a contributor to Consumer Reports, the basement of homes and other rooms where water is abundant are often the most humid parts of the house. And where this humidity is found, mold and mildew can be found as well, which can be horrible for you to be breathing in. To limit this moisture, consider bringing in a dehumidifier to help stabilize the moisture levels in your home.  

Bring In Some Fresh Air

Because the air outside can often be fresher and cleaner than the air within your home, one great way you can improve the air quality inside is to bring in some of the air from outside. Even just opening a few windows for a few minutes each day can help flush out harmful allergens and chemicals and bring in some fresh air to your space. And according to Timothy Dahl, a contributor to Popular Mechanics, you should, at the very least, open your windows when working on areas of your home like the floors or when painting. The smells and chemicals from these types of home improvement projects can be very harmful, so you want to get them out of your home’s air as soon as you can.

Get Some Greenery Indoors

Another way you can bring fresh air into your house and fight back against the allergens that reside in your home is to bring in some plants. According to Cambria Bold, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, plants can help to reduce VOCs and improve the overall air quality of a space. To get the maximum benefit from having plants in your home, you should try to have one plant for every 50-feet of square footage in your home.

If you’re concerned about the air quality within your home, use the tips mentioned above to help improve your family’s health and breathing.


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