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5 Ways To Create A Healthier Home Environment

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl

Unless our lifestyle forbids us, people tend to spend most of their time at home.  Sleeping, eating, and just living life keeps us active in our home environment.  Maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy home is paramount to the longevity of the household.  


Breathing in harmful particulates and chemical by products can cause serious ailments with prolonged exposure.  Asthma and a host of other health problems can arise as a result of less than quality air in the home.  For the safety of everyone in the household, take a moment to read over this short summary of a few of the best ways to create a healthier and safer home environment.


Guard against dust mites and other unwanted pests


Keeping a home free from dust mites and other unwanted pests is simply a matter of knowledge.  There are a wide array of natural remedies for cleaning and relieving a home of its insect population.  


Sprigs of lavender are good for warding off moth infestations.  They also smell a whole lot better than Grandma’s collection of moth balls.  Regular vacuuming and dusting is another great way to keep a home free from excess filth.  


Clean up the air in the home


Investing in a well-designed air purification system will help rid the home’s air of unseen health risks.  Alternatively, there are also a plethora of plants that will do the job free of charge.  


The Boston Fern is one of the most efficient air purifiers known to man (and woman).  Its fronds catch harmful air particles and filter out toxins, while ultimately producing a fresh supply of oxygen in the home.  


Test the home for harmful agents


In addition to any efforts taken to cleanse a home’s air of harmful substances, there should also be a thorough inspection of the home for any toxic agents like radon, asbestos, lead, and carbon monoxide.  There are all hidden dangers that will negatively impact the resident’s health over time if not properly disposed of and treated.  


Keep the house dry to avoid mold infestations


The easiest way to induce asthma in a home’s occupants is to keep a moist home environment.  Moisture penetrating the interior and exterior of a home can be very troubling for people who are already at a higher risk for respiratory issues.  


The elderly and very young, and those who have existing respiratory diagnosis are at the highest risk for trouble when a home’s air is continually too moist.  Excess moisture in a home will also lead to the development of mold and infestation of other pests.


Adjusting the thermostat can be a health conscious move


One simple way to keep the air inside a home healthier is to turn down the thermostat.  Most people are not well adjusted to the proper temperatures, and they actually keep their homes too warm.  Turning down the temperature a few degrees will kill off more airborne germs and maintain a healthier environment for all.

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