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Know the ACL reconstruction surgery thoroughly before you opt for a surgical or non surgical procedure

Cody Rowan
Written by Cody Rowan

ACL or Anterior cruciate ligament injuries and tears often take place when you’re taking part in high risk sports and activities such as basketball, football, soccer and skiing. We call it high risk because these sports involve a lot of leg movement which makes every step accountable. One step in the wrong direction and you could be looking at a big problem. Anterior cruciate ligament injury is pretty painful and requires a proper surgery to undo the damage caused. An ACL injury is such that if and when you damage it, you’ll understand it immediately. The following symptoms of an ACL injury will tell you that you need to show yourself to a doctor:

  1. A loud popping noise. The sound will not be like an atomic bomb blast but you will feel your knee letting go under your weight and you will not be able to balance yourself.
  2. There will be swelling and unbearable pain.
  3. Moving around will become very difficult because there will be a reduced range of motion in the knee. It will be accompanied by discomfort or pain.

When this happens, it is best that you immediately seek treatment for the same. It will be the best if you seek treatment for the injury in an hour’s time of it occurring to prevent any further damage to your already damaged knee. Also once it is has been operated on, make sure that you rest for the precise number of days (or longer, but never less) that the doctor has suggested to be able to function properly again.

Is a surgery the only option to treat a damaged ACL?

The answer is no. An acl reconstruction surgery in india is not the only way you can treat a damaged ACL. However this depends on a number of factors. The ACL can be healed with the help of nonsurgical interventions like braces.

The plan of action (surgical/non surgical) depends on the following:

  1. The age of the patient. Sometimes an elderly patient will require a surgery because the natural healing process becomes slow once you start ageing.
  2. Activity level: If your work requires you to be active all the time then whichever process (surgical/non surgical) takes the least amount of time, will be beneficial for you.
  3. Degree of the injury: A minor ACL injury can be healed with braces and rest and the muscles around the knee can be strengthened with the help of physiotherapy. However, a high degree injury will require a surgical intervention.

When it comes to self repair, you will still have to visit the physician. Most of the time it’s advised that you apply ice to your knee and keep it elevated most of the times in a day. You will have to reduce all activities for a couple of weeks. However when a full ACL tear occurs, do not expect it to heal on its own. Leaving it unattended will actually cause more harm than benefit. Without a surgery, your knee will become unstable and this will increase the risk to your knee for any future ailments.



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