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The Lower the Calorie, The Better You Look

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl

Starting a low-calorie diet is one of the best decisions you can take to achieve your goal of shedding-off those extra pounds from your body. Everybody knows the benefits of going on a low-calorie diet but very few of us are able to stick to the plan, lose weight and keep it off. If you start your low-calorie diet without knowing the procedure your goal will become overwhelming and after a few days depressing too.

The procedure of starting a low-calorie diet and sticking to the plan is more important than the diet itself.

Plan well before you jump to dieting – There’s a very popular saying ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. So, if you are not planning to fail on your low-calorie diet then do plan it well. The first step in the planning process is to see your doctor and ask about her opinion on the matter. You must not have any health complications that may get worse due to your low-calorie diet. Once you get the green signal from your doctor you need to decide how much calorie cutting will help you to get to your ideal weight mark. For this, you can either consult a nutritionist or use online calorie calculators for free.

Start very slowly – You’ll be tempted to jump to the ideal daily routine to get to your goal as soon as you can. But believe me, if you start with the ideal routine you will fail miserably. Change is the toughest thing; habits need to be broken slowly with patience. Obviously adding exercise to your routine is as important as cutting off calories but don’t try to do all at once. First, try to change your eating pattern. You will lose your motivation in two days if you cut half your dinner. So, start by leaving bad eating habits and then proceed slowly towards adopting your ideal diet and workouts.

When you cut a thing from your diet add something new – A low-calorie diet or any other diet for that matter does not aim at starving you. So, don’t focus on just cutting off things from your diet and making your platter small every day. A low-calorie diet is about switching high in calories but low in nourishment diets to low in calories but high in nutrition diets. Weight loss regime should make you slim and healthy not a malnourished person. So cut off junk foods, deep fried items etc from your diet but don’t forget to add fruits and healthy vegetables.

Make it interesting – If you keep on chewing salad-leafs and churning rice-crackers you will soon lose your motivation and start emotional eating. So, make sure to keep your diet interesting. You are on a low-calorie diet does not mean your lunch and dinner have to be boring and tasteless. Search online and you can get an insurmountable list of yummy recipes for low-calorie dieters. And most of the times the recipes are very easy to prepare.

Plan well, keep your pace slow, think rationally and keep your journey interesting… no one can hinder you from achieving your goals!

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