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Cancer and Pregnancy

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Malignancy and pregnancy

Diagnosis of cancer during pregnancy is of very rare occurrence. Owing to its uncommonness doctors and the patients are often unsure to cope with the problem of cancer during pregnancy. Treating the pregnant women with oncogenic drug to keep the mother and the baby safe and healthy is a big challenge indeed. Nevertheless with increasing number of such gradually cases doctors are able to discover more information’s about treating as well as living with cancer during pregnant condition.

Types of Cancer mostly seen in pregnant condition

Cancer’s that are more prevalentduring pregnancy appears to occur more in younger aged people. The types of cancers include:

Breast cancer being the commonest of all other cancers that are diagnosed during pregnant condition. Its rate of occurrence is about 1 in 3000 pregnant women, suffers from cancer. During pregnancy there is a normal tendency of enlargement of breasts due to lactation. Thus, difficulties appear to detect them as they may or may not appear to be abnormal in certain cases. Thus diagnosis of breast cancer in pregnant woman is far more difficult than non-pregnant one’s. And the diagnosis also takes a good amount of time in compared to non-pregnant patients.

Chemotherapy in Pregnancy

Oncology pregnancy medicine and treatment include surgery as well drug treatment like chemotherapy same as non-pregnant patients.Doctors use chemotherapeutic drugs to kill and destroy malignant cells. This drug usually checks the ability of the cancer cells to divide and grow in an uncontrollable manner. However chemotherapy comes with a lot of risk factors for the fetus when given during first 3 months of gestation as at that time the organs of the fetus are still growing. Thus chemotherapy given during first trimester carries a lot of risk like loss of pregnancy, birth defects, stillbirth and many more.At second or third trimesters, doctors prescribe various chemotherapy and give several chemotherapeutic drug as the risk to the fetus apparently reduces because of the placental barrier. Several reports suggests that chemotherapy in controlled dose did not show any kind of abnormalities to the fetus as well as to the uterus during its growth and development. However when applied during the later stages of pregnancy, it could harm the baby and also several side effects to the mother. Thus it also increases the chance of infection during pregnancy.

Immunological Clock

Study of immunology in pregnancy medicine in very crucial as pregnancy comes with an altered immune function that protect the fetus from any kind of infection and immunological attack. Mass cytometry is the technique that develops and detects the pregnancy induced changes with the help of their specific algorithm function. They are also able to detect the interaction of the immune cells during pregnancy. It can also give the exact timing of the immunological event and also detects any alteration to any association can give light upon the pregnancy related problem.


Although this deadly problems are not very much prevalent in pregnant condition, still can pose dangerous condition to the fetus if occurs. So proper diagnosis must be done so that we can hold it till baby is safely outside and also taking care of the mother.

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