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Why Not Try an Extreme Sport

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl

Let’s clear something up first, extreme sports aren’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find one that will get your heart pumping. Extreme sports are all about the skill, excitement, adrenaline and danger. If you are bored in this safety-first world, you have to do something about it. Getting out of your comfort zone is awesome because nothing new and exciting happens there. On top of that, extreme sports are great for your body besides being extremely fun. Let’s see if you can pick out at least one that will spark some interest from a selection below.


This is probably one of the best known extreme sports out there. Skydiving means jumping out of an aircraft at a height of around 12 thousand feet. And then you skydive, you fall down for some time before activating your parachute which will get you back on the ground safely. First jump is done with an experienced instructor and you’ll quickly see that there is no reason to panic. The adrenaline rush will be there in no time and you will appreciate the view from up there. When it comes to risk factors, you have to complete a training course and you have to wear a back up parachute. In general, accidents in skydiving are rare.

Kite Surfing

This sport is great for those of your who like speed, elevation and water. Here you use a small surfboard with foot straps and bindings that are attached to a large power kite. This kite that you are controlling propels you across the water and you need to have great handling if you want to pull of some tricks while at it. It’s great for the upper body but it is recommended that you better your swimming skills if you aren’t really good at it. Kite surfing is a low-risk extreme sport since you have to wear a helmet and kites have quick-release mechanism which allows you to release the kite with one push. Don’t worry, you can’t get dragged along by your kite.


BMX racing is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is one of the most popular off-road biking activities and it’s easy to see why. All you need is a bike, safety gear and off you go. You’ll see how great it feels to cruise through the wilderness with nothing but wind alongside you. Of course, you can participate in BMX races and see if you can cross the line first. On top of that, there are numerous tricks that can be pulled off on a bike but bear in mind that there will be some falling in the beginning. It’s not as easy as it may look. You’ll have to have a good sense of balance and a few other skills too.

Downhill Skateboarding

You can probably guess what’s this all about by the name. Skateboarding isn’t easy but downhill skateboarding is even more difficult. Downhill skateboarders use hybrid longboards with longer decks, wider trucks and softer wheels which in turn allows them to reach extremely high speeds. So, if you like speed, you have to at least consider this sport. Bear in mind that there are different boards for different terrains and that you also need to wear some protective gear. But that’s nothing compared to the feeling when you start cruising down the hill. That’s how you get a proper adrenaline rush.

Free Climbing

Beware! Strong core and upper body are needed for this feat! Free climbing is a version of climbing where an athlete climbs a rock formation without any type of assistance or support besides their arms and strength. Of course, there is a safety rope but that’s it. This sport is really the one for all of you daredevils out there. It’s really hard, it can be painful but once you reach the top, you see that it’s worth it.


You’ve probably seen a movie or two where the good guys do extremely hard parkour jumps and tricks while chasing after the bad guys. Well, that’s probably not what parkour looks like but it’s close. Parkour is the art of moving from one point to another (some call it freerunning). Of course, this is done without any equipment. Parkour is an urban extreme sport that is practiced in complex locations where athletes combine running, jumping and climbing to overcome both human-made and natural obstacles. It requires a lot of strength, balance, quick thinking and a firm grip.


The list doesn’t end with parkour. These were just some of the more prominent extreme sports that have hopefully attracted your attention and sparked some interest. These sports aren’t easy but the feeling when you master them is amazing.

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