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Factor Leading To Addiction In Humans

Cody Rowan
Written by Cody Rowan

Porn addiction is a type of addiction in which the patient has a strong urge to watch the pornographic material or content. It is also called as an activity addiction. The patient has recurrent and constant impulse to get engaged in watching the porn videos, photos or such other materials available over various media sources or even other sources. Like all other conditions or diseases in medical science, porn addiction also has some specific causes. There are not one but many causes that lead to this condition according to science behind a porn addiction. Let us now have a look at the major factors leading to porn addiction in human beings.

To get rid of stress and other negative mental states

Negativity in mind is one among the major factors for this condition as per science behind a porn addiction. Numbers of people fall prey to porn addiction just due to the extreme mental stress, depression, anxiousness or other negative mental states. In a way, they want to feel good or get rid of the emotions burdening their mind. They use pornographic materials as an escape for all such problems. By watching such contents, they start feeling good due to release of certain hormones or chemicals in the brain that have a role to play in making a person feel good.

To sustain the sexual fantasies and fulfill the same

Many people have certain sexual fantasies that remain unfulfilled with their sexual partners. They use pornographic materials to fulfill such fantasies and sustain the same for long time. Also they wish to stay high sexually for prolonged time period which is otherwise impossible or at least impractical in normal sexual intercourse. With constant use of pornographic materials they become used to it and hence become victims of porn addiction. Ultimately, it becomes a leading cause for this type of addiction according to science behind a porn addiction.

Biological reasons

The distinct physiology and genes in a person are also held responsible for porn addiction in numbers of people. The specific brain functioning and brain chemistry is mean to be reason for porn addition to great extent in numbers of people. The difference in the degree or extent to which sex is enjoyed by different people in general life is perhaps the major reason here. Those who have a very high degree of sexual enjoyment may easily become victims of porn addiction. Same may be attributed to their hidden or unfulfilled desire to enjoy sex to the extent, they actually wish to enjoy. They may not get the actual enjoyment during the intercourse with their real sex partners however they may be able to gratify the mental aspect of their body to great extent by getting exposed to porn materials.

Curiosity to learn about sex and sexuality

During teenage, most teenagers wish to learn about sex and sexuality. To satisfy their curiosity regarding sex and other things related to it, they start exploring various sources accessible to them. Exposure to pornographic materials and constant viewing of the same at young age may develop it into an addiction in numbers of cases.

Different people fall prey to porn addiction owing to varying reasons. Porn addiction is as harmful for anyone as drug or alcohol addiction. With proper counseling and other treatment therapies available around, you may successfully recover from this condition.

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