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Family Ancestry- Discovering Your History with Dr. Alton Ingram

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl

In the family tree, the worker is preparing the history of one family for the advantage of the many descendants; while in a family ancestry history he is preparing sides view of many a family for him alone. In the previous one, he is appealing to general family awareness, while in the latter he is appealing only to his own visualization.

Definite form is suggested for a family ancestry history. Therefore, consistency can be assured and the record of every individual included will be arranged like the documentation of every other individual in the history and its usefulness and appearance will be greatly enhanced. This form can be in print, which is preferable, or typed as required. According to Dr. Alton Ingram, if it is typed, great care should be implemented to keep to the same arrangement all through the work connecting family.

The enticement is, when the form is being typed as used, to exclude those items for which it is known there is to be no need in association with a particular individual, with the consequence that the whole sheet concerning family ancestry is abridged and the work is thrown out of its equivalence thus bringing the left over items of the form in strange places which will cause perplexity.

If it is wanted for any reason because of some importance to record something of the lives of kids who are not in direct line, and more room is required than the vital record of family ancestry, for which there is stipulation, this should be done on the parents’ biographical sheet as this is their only point of contact with the past. There is no occurrence to pick them up for later contemplation.

They are not family, and while their history may be very appealing as aunts, uncles, and cousins numerous times removed, as collateral relatives they have no independent place in a family ancestry pedigree. The only ones having any special significance, which will be continued in a unit of their own, being those next in line of sequence as ancestors in the family. If it is desired to perform the family of children other than direct ancestors it should be done in association with their parents who are in direct line.

There should be no proviso for side lines and if forms are used in recording them the work should be done with a distinctive color of ink to show that they are irrelevant and the sheets bound in the unit of their mother and father and paged as a section of their number. Dr. Alton Ingram believes that adherence to these guidelines will result in a consistent and clear family ancestry.

It will be celebrated that the individual booklet of an antecedent and his instantaneous family may very simply cover a dozen or more pages and become somewhat of a brochure or monograph, which will make up one unit of the family ancestry history. A family ancestry chart, vigilantly researched and constructed, will have a lifelong value.

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