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Healthy Habits That Help With Addiction Recovery

Cody Rowan
Written by Cody Rowan

Addiction can drain the life out of you. Once you decide to get help there are many things at your disposal. There are all sorts of things that can help you stay recovered and better your life.

By taking a holistic approach to your recovery you can find peace of mind while healing your body. These healthy habits are good for everyone, even if you’re not fighting addiction or you’re fully recovered (though it is important to understand that once you’re an addict you’re always an addict and falling off the wagon could be right around the corner). If you simply want a better and healthier life, here are some things to do.

Proper Diet

Eating a proper diet is extremely important. In fact, if your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs on a regular basis it can help you avoid food addictions, overeating, and even junk food. The key is to make healthy choices, use proper portions, and understand that food is meant for energy and not pleasure.

A healthy and balanced diet isn’t just about eating your fruits and vegetables. You want to get a good combination of various healthy food options. Not only do you want an array of veggies (in color and more) and a good amount of healthy grains, but you also want to be smart about your meat and dairy options.


Exercise will make your mind healthy and happy, so fit plenty of it into your life. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Walk to the store instead of driving. Go for a walk around the block, just because.

Yoga is an important fitness routine you should fit in on a daily basis as well. It’s good for your mind, body, and your soul.


Follow up your yoga routine with a meditation, every single time. It will do your mind good. Even if you skip a yoga workout you should still meditate. It only takes minutes and it can get your mind in the rate frame to make it through even the toughest and most stressful day.


Art, creativity, and writing (which are all art in their own right) are all good habits to pick up for your health and wellness. There is a reason that art is used in therapy. It’s a great way to get the thoughts and feelings out without judgment and to turn them into something create.

Start journaling for a great way to release all of the things inside your head. Write down thoughts, write down dreams and plans, and write down poetry, if you’re so inspired. Someday, down the road, you might even want to turn your journals into a book that can help people going through the same struggles as you.

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