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Cody Rowan
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How exactly can we get a long healthy life? This question is not new at all. This question has been provoking human mind to conduct more research and do more experiments to find the sacred answer. Well we may not pinpointed the answer yet but the recent research shows we are getting every close. The key to longevity is SIRT1 activation. That being said now how can we active it? That can be done with the help of pterostilbene.

How does this actually work

Coming to this point was not easy it included lot of research dating back to mid 90’s.Whenthe research for long life started the only possible way achieving  that seemed to be calorie restriction. But is advised that calorie control is not ideal for many people and give more problems. Then A biology professor Leonard Guarante started studying yeast when they are on calorie restriction. He discovered that yeast SIRT2 gene is what made the yeast live longer irrespective of the calorie intake. SIR2 improves the longevity by inhibiting the production of waste material with in the cell. The tests seem to produce same results on other small organism, round worm. Now what can we do to activate the gene in human as well. Nothing. Because human don’t have SIRT2but we do have other gene which reacts the same way, it’s called SIRT1. Both these genes work in the same way  they repair DNA and suppress certain genes, also known as gene silencing. This is. Important step as activation of wrong genes can lead to Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

As we said calorie restriction was suggested for longevity at first. Because it also works the same way that is it activates SIR1 by nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD for short. NAD is found in every cell of your body and it’s primary responsibility is to convert  glucose in to energy.  What research said was when in calorie diet NAD can also help activate SIRT1 gene. Then search began for an agent  that can activate SIRT1 with out the need to calorie restriction. Resveratrol is showed up as an answer but it has some drawbacks. It is found on the skin of red grapes. And it is easily oxidized, gets degraded by light and heat, has a very short life span. All this made it not so ideal. Then up on further research we got , pterostilbene which is even more better. Now the question that made us curious got its answer as pterostilbene SIRT1 activation.


Petrostilbene is similar to Resveratrol sans it’s drawbacks where as resveratrol has short life petrostilbenehas longer half life and more easily absorbed by your body.  Petrostilbeneis  basically an antioxidant. We can find it almonds, grape leaves, peanuts and mainly in Blueberries.Petrostilbenehas the ability to effect AMPK pathway and thus act as anti aging agent.

AMPK pathway and ATP

We spend our calorie in terms on energy we use. We get the energy from our cells. The cells use ATP molecule for energy. AMPK is the key in producing more ATP. We can see it in every cell of your body. It plays a significant role in metabolism and cell growth. But as you get old the AMPK activation decreases. It is more activated in your youth years that why it got nick name of ‘ Youth enzyme’. So research and experiments are conducted and still bring conducted to know how we can keep AMPK activated. So that we can benefits of youth years for longer duration. The recent research came up with petrostilbene SIRT1 activation. And research still continues to discover more agents that could help us to get AMPK activated in other words,to get long healthy life.

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