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How Moving To A New Place Can Be Good For Your Health

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl

Where you live can determine your health. If you live in a big city, or even a small town, with factories pumping pollution into the air, you have a better chance at having breathing issues, including asthma, than you do living somewhere that does not have such things. If you live somewhere warmer, you probably spend more time outdoor and get the recommended amount of sunlight each day to keep you in a happier mood.

When it comes to picking the right place to live, you might want to consider your health. There is a reason why people tend to move to warmer climates after they retire. Here are some helpful things to consider when you decide to relocate your life and your home.

Warm Climate

You may not realize it unless you suffer from skin or joint conditions, but cold weather can really be horrible on the body. Sure, there are good things about the cold weather, but for anyone that lives in a place with any sort of intense winter weather (blizzards, below zero temperatures) it’s hard to see any good in it.

For folks that have muscle and joint problems, cold weather can aggravate these things. By moving somewhere with a warm climate you’ll find that your joints and muscles ache much less. Starts making sense that so many retirees pack up and move to Florida every year, doesn’t it?

The cold air in winter and even those blustery winds dry your skin out (on your whole body). There are no chapped elbows in warm climates. You’ll itch less and you might even notice fewer dandruff flakes on your shoulders as time goes by.

Less Rain/Less Mold

If you move someplace warm and dry, like Arizona or New Mexico, you might find some of your allergies subside. That is, for those people that suffer from seasonal allergies. With less rain comes fewer mold problems, for one thing. You’ll also find less plant life sprouting up from the desert plains, so fewer things to make you sneeze.

A Place To Swim

If you move to a warmer climate that is on the water you will have more opportunities to enjoy all that the lakes, ponds, and rivers of the world have to offer. Not only can you swim, which is both relaxing and great exercise, but the water offers so much more.
The sounds of a flowing river or a babbling brook can be relaxing, to your mind and soul. Even a day out on a canoe relaxing or fishing can change your entire outlook on life. Considering a home near or on some sort of body of water can seriously be good for your soul, and your physique (since swimming is a full-body low-impact workout).

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