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Osteopathy for Runners

Running is one of the best ways to get in shape, lose weight, and live a healthier life. There are millions of runners all over the world who enjoy going out and pounding the pavement for a few hours each week. Running has some very obvious benefits: you’ll likely sleep better, worry less, and eat healthier. However, it’s not all positive. Running is a high-impact activity, meaning that it deals a lot of stress to your joints when you run. That is in contrast to a low-impact exercise such as swimming. Because of the impact of running, many people often have osteopathic problems.


Osteopathy is the treatment of everything that has to do with the bones. Worthing osteopaths will work with you to determine the roots of your issues and how best to treat them. There are basic areas that can experience bone problems as a result of running. The most common are the feet, the ankles, and the knees. Some people experience hip and back pain as well.

If you are having osteopathic pain from running, you should visit a professional.  A professional osteopath will be able to determine why you are experiencing that pain.

Running Pain

The most common kinds of running pain come usually from feet that do not move properly across the ground. The foot is supposed to hit the ground and the ankle rolls it to flat; that is call pronating. Everyone needs to pronate somewhat. Depending on the type of problem that you are experiencing, it could be from overpronation or underpronation. If you hit the pavement flat-footed, you will bring even more pain to your joints, especially your knees.

An osteopath will be able to help you determine the cause of your pain and how best to treat it. You’ll be running again in no time. And hopefully, this time it will be a pain-free experience for you.

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