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The Price of Beauty: Common Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Cody Rowan
Written by Cody Rowan

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s culture.  Women account for more than 90 percent of cosmetic surgery patients in the United States, and not just the older women are going under the knife.

There is a notably stronger social drive to be physically “perfect,” and many young people are augmenting their bodies without properly researching the possible SNAFUs of cosmetic surgery.  Take a few moments now to educate yourself on some of the common mishaps/dangers of cosmetic surgery, and avoid becoming a victim of ignorance.

Nerve damage

When a surgeon makes an incision in your body, there is always a danger for irreparable nerve damage.  In breast augmentation surgeries, in particular, it is common for most women to experience a difference in the sensitivity of their breasts.

Up to 15 percent of women who undergo breast augmentation experience permanent loss of sensation in their nipples.  Numbness and tingling are extremely common after surgery, but a notable proportion of patients experience some level of nerve damage.

Unhappy with the outcome

Too often, people go under the knife only to reveal an unsatisfactory result.  Becoming involved in some sort of malpractice suit can lead to lawyers and big bills, so you should be very sure before you ever sign the first release form.


Everyone knows that surgery can result in some scarring, but cosmetic surgery is purposed to improve your appearance.  Sometimes the healing process is not ideal, and your scars can become very noticeable.

Some patients suffer from hypertrophic scarring.  Hypertrophic scarring is when your scars form in such a way that they are abnormally red, thick, and raised.

Organ damage

Some cosmetic procedures can be extremely traumatic to the body.  Liposuction, in particular, can be damaging to internal organs.  The probe used to extract fat from the patient’s body can cause punctures or lacerations to internal organs during the procedure.

The damage caused by such surgeries can often only be repaired by performing yet another surgery.  Sometimes, the damage has fatal consequences.

Complications with anesthesia

Anytime a patient is put under general anesthesia, there is a danger of complications and even death.  Anesthesia awareness is also a possible risk.  Some people who are put under become conscious in the middle of surgery, but are left unable to move.

Necrosis and bleeding

Bleeding is a regular occurrence after many cosmetic surgeries, but sometimes the bleeding can get out of hand and become dangerous.  Blood clots can form and cause life threatening consequences.

There is also a danger of necrosis.  Necrosis is when your flesh simply dies from lack of blood flow.  If your surgeon botches your closure, tissue could be cut off from blood flow and rot.

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