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Why Shouldn’t You Be Scared of Dental Implants

Cody Rowan
Written by Cody Rowan

Visiting a dentist for any type of procedure can be pretty nerve-wracking.  Also, it can even make the tough people anxious about the procedure that will take place. An implant is one of the best options to replace a tooth and a much cleaner and effective method than the others.

When do You Need Dental Implants?

 Implants are done when teeth are lost due to,

  • Injury
  • Tooth decay
  • Disease
  • Age

An implant is suitable for all ages and is the right choice if you are missing a single or multiple teeth.

An implant is a metal replacement of the natural root of your tooth. This artificial root will perform the role of an anchor for the new teeth. The crown is crafted considering the mould of the teeth. An implant will help you to lead a normal life and you should not be scared or nervous about the process.

Here are few reasons why you shouldn’t be scared of implants.

The Procedure Is Planned

 The surgery for an implant is a short and minor process because the replacement details are planned ahead of time. In case of complicated situation, the dentist might make use of a CT or an X-ray image for finding out the exact location of the implant. They create a guide to use during the procedure of making a small channel and incision which will help in holding the implant.

It has Minimal Discomfort Afterwards

 There are advanced implantation techniques and pre-planned surgical guide which ensure little disruption in tissue. Moreover, the incised tissue is usually stitched with self-absorbing sutures. Even though in some cases the patients might have to take strong doses of pain-killer, but most of the times a mild anti-inflammatory medicine is sufficient.

Surgery Can Be Done with Local Anaesthesia

 Implant is generally much easier than the tooth extraction. If you are healthy enough to undergo tooth extraction, you will not have any problem with the implant surgery. The dentist will ensure that the area is numb by using a local anaesthesia. In case, you are suffering from anxiety attacks, the dentist will use an anti-anxiety or sedative before proceeding with the surgery.

Dental implants are popular because they offer longevity and several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of implants.

  • When you are done with the implant, the tooth will look like the natural teeth. Thus, it feels like you never lost these teeth.
  • Missing a tooth can often be detrimental for the self-esteem of a person. With the help of an implant, you can get back your smile. Since the implant looks natural, it becomes impossible to differentiate it.
  • If there is a partial denture or bridge, it can have an adverse effect on the surrounding teeth, the wear and tear from the bridge or partial denture can cause the rest of the teeth to break down. Implants do not depend on natural teeth for support and thus, the natural teeth will remain healthy.
  • Unlike dentures and partial, you will not have to bother about taking out the implant. All you need to do for maintaining them is to brush them on a regular basis.
  • The dentist is also concerned about your health and not simply your teeth, mouth, and gums. Certain health conditions such as heart disease are related to the bacteria present in the mouth. Thus, going to the implant will prevent bacteria and keep you healthy.

The implants heal quickly and last a lifetime. Since implants are bolted directly to the jaw, it is much stronger and causes less discomfort. Also, you will not experience any slurred speech.

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