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What Are The Different Types Of Nursing Care Malpractice?

Darryl Wahl
Written by Darryl Wahl

When you have sent your elderly relatives to live in a nursing home, you want them to receive the best care that money can buy. You should research a lot of different care homes that can care for your relatives and make sure that they as safe as well as happy.

Most care homes will offer a high standard of care and will not have to worry at all. Quality nursing homes make sure their staff are thoroughly screened and properly trained before they can work with the vulnerable and the elderly.

However, there are some cases where nursing homes fail in their duty of care and you may want to explore the possibility of hiring an experienced lawyer to help you with the case. What are the most common causes of nursing home malpractice and negligence?

Not Giving The Residents Their Medication On Time

When people live in nursing homes, they might be reliant on a variety of different medications that ease pain or allow them to function properly. It is the responsibility of the nursing home staff to make sure that this medication is administered on time and with the correct dose. You might become aware of the fact that your elderly relative is not receiving their medication on time and this leaves them confused or in pain. This could constitute negligence from the nursing home, which will require medical malpractice lawyers in Queensland to handle the case.

Not Dressing Bed Sores Properly

Some people who are in nursing homes find it too hard to turn over in bed because they are too frail. This might lead to painful bed sores which may become infected in a short space of time. This will make your relative’s quality of life become significantly lower. The nursing home staff should have adequate training so that they are able to wash the sores and then apply fresh bandages every day. Then your relative will be able to recover and they will not be in any pain. Failure to deal with the bed sores can constitute negligence.

Not Feeding The Residents Regularly

It is extremely important that the residents receive healthy and balanced meals regularly throughout the day. Your relatives will be healthy and they will be more able to fight off disease if they are receiving the right amount of food each day. However, some nursing homes can fail in their duty of care when they are not giving the residents enough food. This will leave people malnourished and they could fall very ill as a result of this.

Threatening Or Abusive Behaviour

Care home residents deserve to live in a safe environment where they are free from any threats of intimidation and physical violence. Usually, care home residents live in a completely happy environment, but sometimes care home staff can bully or intimidate them. This is something that could prompt you to take legal action.

When nursing homes fail in their duty of care, it is important that they are held to account.

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